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TRD speaks the language of the nerd… because there are so many different specialized technologies and firms that provide support for them it is helpful to have a liaison to help translate and navigate through many options out there.


The rate at which Information Technology influences business operations is rapidly expanding regardless of size or industry type. IT plays a massive role in the way we do business, from operations, manufacturing, and marketing/business development. 


Organizations can become more efficient by streamlining and facilitating processes that help reduce costs, improve communication, boost performance, gain competitive advantages, create innovative products and/or services.


It can be daunting to see the many options, platforms, programs, languages, methods, tools and technologies that are available in today’s market. There are many IT consulting firms who provide specific services to serve your every need. 

  • IT Plan Development and Implementation

  • CRM and Technology Integration and Training

  • Managed IT Services Vendor Selection

  • IT Budgeting and Price Comparison

  • Hardware and Software Consultation

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