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Working with organizations to help them achieve the next level of success.

"Your brand is how you do business. It's the feeling your clients get when they work with you. Make that feeling good and your business will be better.


Aaaaand, a nice looking business card doesn't hurt either."

-Russell Kofford

It may sound cheesy....


...but I believe that if you have a platform, you should use it to promote positive and uplifting things. We often hear about the scary, scandalous, or otherwise negative stories. Brandon Sanderson said in one of his novels "Somebody has to start, son. Somebody has to step forward and do what is right because it is right. If nobody starts, then others cannot follow." Combine that with my motto "true achievement comes only through service." You end up with a rambling paragraph of things I want to say to promote more well being in the world.  So here you go... be good to each other, be good to yourself, always try to see things from the other perspective, be kind to everyone, teach your kids to be better than yourselves and read books! Books, to me, are one of the best ways to expand your perspective, increase your imagination, and remove bias from your personality.

Anyway, I hope this strikes a chord with you and inspires you to do a little more for others.

The TRD Story​

TRD started as a small graphic design business Totally Rad Design was the "incredibly clever" name I settled on using the initials of my family. I noticed that people turned to me for help in three specific services. There's graphic design, and some printing but then marketing technology and IT consulting was needed, and then marketing and business development support. It was clear that the "incredibly clever" name wouldn't work for the types of consulting work I was doing. And like so many firms out there, I decided to just keep with the initials TRD. 


So here we are today, you're reading a bio about my firm wondering what TRD can do to serve you, I'm hoping you'll reach out to find the answer. 

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